Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fallen to Rise ...

He was almost about to be broken ….
With the regret that his words might go unspoken

His beliefs were shaken …..
As unwanted thoughts had completely overtaken

His heart was aching ……
As if world around him is flaking

He was completely fallen ….
Just to find out how easily life can get stolen

He was back to his friend “silence” ….
He knew it will give him best possible guidance

One day “silence” left him for awhile …
He made a new friend; her name was “Smile”

Thanks to her, he never cried …….
Even after heart full of deep sea with high tide

“Smile” being on his side …..
He bought ticket to enjoy the Life’s joy ride

He again chose to take a chance ….
With new zeal, to experience greatest lifelong romance

Suddenly Floating Hopes & confidence blends,
He learns how much his life is blessed by wonderful friends!!