Sunday, July 18, 2010

My attempt to define LOVE …

Let me start my explanation with 3 most beautiful words … which, when told with 100% commitment, fits right into small empty place in your heart ……. ‘I LOVE YOU’!

In these 3 magic words……”LOVE” is interposed between I & YOU! Does it mean … I & U never meet even though they are deeply in love with each other OR Love connects I & YOU forever!! I feel it is both!

GOD IS LOVE!! When I see God in You & You see God in I …… that’s when one can be sure that IT IS LOVE…. ! To put it in my filmy way refer to lyrics of song “tujh me rab dikhta hai”!

Once, I happened to read one article on love based on Sufi philosophy. It says: “Lover and beloved are neither apart, nor do they meet. It is oneness all the time in oblivion of time and space. They stand in denial to their own existence. Love, for them, is not an experienced effort but a cosmic phenomenon.” To put in a simple & comfortable words refer to the lyrics of Sufi song “Tu jaane Na”.

Many love stories ends before even it start…… A gal never expresses her love for a boy thinking that a boy should express first and a boy never expresses his love with a fear of losing her friendship! Here, both loves truly but they never meet! The love remains in them forever deep within their heart! They both know & sometime that is more than enough! Sometime letting go the person you truly love gives you strength & sometimes holding on to that very person gives you more strength.

Love is Relationship in which EVERYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE. The power of I to tolerate the YOU without losing faith & trust.

In short, True love strengthens you always, silently cares for you, never asks anything in return, wishes best for you & patiently waits for you. Love is not a game in which I lose & YOU win, it is silent feeling in which you never expect but have faith that I & YOU will surely meet in such way that they will never be apart.

If LOVE is true, both I & YOU somehow gets connected & they live by those 3 magic words “I – LOVE – YOU”!!


Haresh said...


I don't know what love means.

But, you're definitely in love ;-)

Prashant said...

my dear must make a point to write something on your blog. you write very well...fabulous thoughts on this topic. trust me you write well. i liked this post very much!!! Keep it up man.

Nihit said...

Good good... great going buddy...

hope you get your love soon :)

All the best... keep the good work move on..