Tuesday, October 25, 2011

?? Confused ??

I am confused about whether I am confused or not!

What I am missing in spite of everything that I have got!!

What I was & what I am becoming!

Clueless of what in life is forthcoming!!

Dreams of childhood lost to life’s endless race!

Every move we take as if life is game of chess!!

Old Memories have become only source of Smile!

Which is disguised in today’s changing lifestyle!!

Changes in Human equations are so perplexing!

More you get attached, it becomes brain Taxing!!

Do I need to find answers or just gladly live the questions!

Trust that will enable destiny for positive manifestations!!

Life is simply complicated & just don’t know where to rove!

Let me just keep walking with Hope, faith, Smile, patience & Love!! :)


Jitu's life said...

Now m confused what to comment ;)

Jitu's life said...

After giving much thought...i must agree..nicely written :)

shiv said...

yea re..kafi baatein sach he...bt yea...hope :) is der

Aniruddha Mehta said...

nice one! esp. the lines -
"Do I need to find answers or just gladly live the questions!"